CPCS was borne out of a need to provide assurance of competence for plant operators within the construction and allied sectors. Although the Scheme has a renewal process for those holding a Competent Operator card, on-going plant-related safety issues are still occurring within the sector. To address some of these issues, in consultation with industry, my Colleagues and I on the CPCS Management Committee agreed that key category-specific safety knowledge be checked at the point of card renewal, and asked for a renewal test to be designed and implemented.

We are aware that many of the safety issues relate to certain types of plant means that questions be presented could be similar. In order to reduce the need for the cardholder to be burdened with similar questions, a process of booking concessions was approved by the Management Committee, and welcome measures taken to help cardholders identify which question modules they only need to book.

Supporting, free, category-specific revision material known as Factsheets have been developed which comprehensively cover all the subject areas within each question module, and we urge all those taking the test to revise early and familiarise themselves with the subject areas in preparation for the renewal test. Improved knowledge of plant operators will be beneficial to both the cardholder, their employer and to the industry in general.

Trevor Gamble

Chairman of the CPCS Management Committee